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Formal or casual?

A ‘dress code’ is a set of rules or guidelines for what you can wear in a certain situation. ‘Formal wear’ is a type of dress or attire worn to special events like weddings, dinners and certain types of work events. Examples of formal wear include: suits, tuxedos, evening dresses or gowns, heels and dress shoes. […]

Innovative educator Ron Clark inspires passion for learning

Math and history are just some of the subjects at the Ron Clark Academy. The Atlanta middle school teaches everything from eye contact to the value of friendly competition — a method that makes kids want to attend class, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann. “It’s hard to explain the Ron Clark Academy. It is […]

The True History Behind St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s what we know about the real St. Patrick The modern St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that will take place on Thursday, at least in the United States, will likely be characterized by commercial lucky charms and green beer—all of which has very little to do with the historical figure of the saint. As it turns […]

Govt to make schools less work, more fun


by: Hans Nicholas Jong, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Education is the backbone of a country’s development. Unfortunately, schools, as the main educational institution, are often seen as a dreadful place where students are forced to endure long and boring hours just to get through the day. That mindset is exactly what the government is trying […]

Grand Plans and Passionate Pleas for Reform From Education Chief Anies

teacher and education

By Alicia Barker & Eva Corlett on 12:18 am Feb 03, 2015 Jakarta. Prioritizing parents, infrastructure and teacher training will be key to resuscitating Indonesia’s education sector over the next five years, says the minister for primary and secondary education, Anies Baswedan. “Parents are the most important educator but the least prepared,” he told the […]