Formal or casual?

A ‘dress code’ is a set of rules or guidelines for what you can wear in a certain situation.

‘Formal wear’ is a type of dress or attire worn to special events like weddings, dinners and certain types of work events. Examples of formal wear include: suits, tuxedos, evening dresses or gowns, heels and dress shoes.

‘We had to dress in formal wear when we went to dinner with the president.’

‘Formal wear’ is some times described as ‘black tie’.

‘Casual wear’ is what you wear outside of work or on the weekend, when you are relaxing. Some examples include jeans, shorts, with sandals, sneakers or thongs (flip-flops).

‘My friend’s birthday party was at the beach so we turned up in casual wear.’

Some workplaces have ‘casual Fridays’ when people can wear jeans and other casual attire to work.

Source: Australia Plus


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